The TCC-SCV Partner Consortium

The TCC-SCV project gathers 10 partners from 9 countries, namely Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and UK. You’ll find out more about them now.

Sea Teach Logo Transparent dec14 KopieSea Teach is the project’s leader and was already the lead partner and coordinator under the previous TRECVET project. A British RYA-accredited boating school and charter company based in Cala D’or/Mallorca (Spain), Sea Teach has a 15-year experience in training professional and recreational skippers. Through its charter activity, Sea Teach is also familiar with the problems and administrative conundrums resulting from the lack of recognition and acceptance of non-national qualifications within the EU. As lead partner, Sea Teach will be responsible for the overall project management, the development of the software tools and it will act as an expert for the qualification analysis. More on


Logo EBI largeEuropean Boating Industry is the European association based in Brussels (Belgium) to represent the sector at EU level. It will lead the dissemination activities which consist of making the project’s activities known to the whole boating community as well as the regulators at national and EU levels, which are the professional skippers and their employers (e.g. charter companies, diving clubs, marinas, boatbuilders, etc), the training organisations, their students, the national maritime administrations, other maritime organisations and the EU institutions. More on



Logo PFRIThe Faculty of Maritime Studies at the University of Rijeka (Croatia) is the oldest high education maritime and training institution in the Adriatic area, with experience in maritime research, teaching and training of students and seafarers employed on merchant vessels, fishing vessels and recreational craft (over 1,300 seafarers trained per year). Employees of the Faculty of Maritime studies are members of Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transportation and Infrastructure committee in Croatia, responsible for drafting regulations on education, training and for granting certificates for professional and non-professional seafarers. The Faculty will be the national expert for the Croatian qualification. More on


Logo APLAPL (Asociace lodního průmyslu) is the Czech boating industry association, a member of European Boating Industry. Its membership encompasses boatbuilders, boat dealers, charter companies, sailing schools, service providers etc. APL promotes boating both on inland waterways and at sea. APL will be the national expert for the Czech qualification. More on


Logo FIN HorizonFIN (Fédération des industries nautiques) is the French Nautical Industries Federation, a founding member of European Boating Industry. With some 700 members, it represents more than 80% of the industry’s turnover in France. Working with French authorities, FIN assists and advises companies in a number of domains: legal, social, training, economic and technical, and plays a role in providing information to the public and media. FIN will be the national expert for the French qualification. More on


BVWWBVWW (Bundesverband Wassersportwirtschaft) is the German marine federation, a founding member of European Boating Industry. It represents the boating and water sports industry in Germany. As such, it is in permanent contact with the most relevant committees and parliamentarians, being involved in consultations and decision-making processes regarding all water sports-related issues. It will be the national expert for reviewing the German qualification. More on



UMCThe Constanta Maritime University is a Romanian higher education and research institution with two Faculties (Faculty of navigation and Faculty of electro mechanics). Located in the Black Sea, the goal of the university is to train future professionals for maritime transport related activities and develop research activities in related scientific domains. Its staff also provides expertise and support to the recreational boating sector. It will be the national expert for the Romanian qualification. More on




spinaker936x153Spinaker is the largest Slovenian maritime education and training provider. It offers a whole range of courses, including those for small commercial vessels, as well as supporting materials, such as books, e-learning resources and almost 200 videos. Spinaker will be the national expert for the Slovenian qualification. More on


Logo ANPPERANPPER (Asociación Nacional de Patrones Profesionales de Embarcaciones de Recreo) is the Spanish association representing professional skippers working on recreational craft. Founded in 2011, it gathers 200 members who are all professional captains. ANPPER will be the national expert for reviewing the Spanish qualification. More on




SeaTeagsSeaRegs is a British company based in Devon and offering seafarer trainings between recreational qualifications and the international professional STCW (RYA, MCA, STCW < 500 GT), as well as consultancy work with national organisations and governments (e.g. Turkey, China in training instructors). SeaRegs will be the national expert reviewing the British qualification. More on