Results & Downloads

SAPH (Standard Analysis Procedure Handbook)

The TCC-SCV project has developed a methodology to analyse and compare qualifications by breaking them into their smallest parts, which we call Fundamental Elements or short “FEs”.

This methodology is documented in the SAPH , which can be downloaded here:

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The multiFex and its User Handbook

The TCC-SCV project has developed a software tool called “the multiFex” to extract Fundamental Elements (FEs) from qualifications and enter them into a database for analysis, comparison and development of new qualifications.

The multiFex trial tool is open for public access and can be found here:
It is available to login and test how the multifex methodology works.
Please use the following public login data:
username: openuser
password: OpenMultifex

For a step by step guide how to use the multiFex tool, please download the multiFex User Handbook:

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The multiFex Tool that is connected to the Comparison Tool database can only be accessed by qualification experts. If you find this could be useful for your purposes, please contact us for login details at

TCC-SCV Comparison Tool and its Handbook

The TCC SCV Comparison Tool is the software application that displays the multiFex database of the 7 analysed qualification in a user-friendly way. It is available on this website at

For information about its background and different applications, please download the Comparison Tool Handbook:




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TCC-SCV Core Curriculum and Qualification Parameters

The TCC-SCV Core Curriculum is based on the data of the Comparison Tool, but with some adjustments.

The TCC Core Curriculum is available on this website as a software application at

and also as a pdf-document for download

The following document is an addition to the TCC Core Curriulum and provides an overview of the parameters and validities of the compared qualifications and the agreed TCC.

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